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What's Cookin', Good Lookin'?

Too many cooks in the kitchen?

Sounds like a game of Family Style !

Shout and scramble for space to cook dishes in this hectic, mobile, & cross-platform party game for 2 to 8 friends that transforms your living room into a virtual kitchen.

Players must pass ingredients from phone to phone, assemble dishes, and race against time to score points and keep their kitchen afloat!

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Key Ingredients

What's in our recipe for success you ask? Come find out ;)

Fun With Friends

Local co-op for 2-8 phones

Unique Gameplay

Pass ingredients from phone to phone


Cross-platform play between Android and iOS

A Little Spice

Individual player medals after every game

Recipes Galore

300+ unique recipes to discover and cook

Rumbly Tummies

Fun and delicious graphics

Available Now!

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Meet Chef Party!

Chef Party is a multidisciplinary team of 7 recently graduated Cornell University students.
We had a craving for hectic, cooperative party games... so we created one!

Ziyad Profile Pic

Ziyad Durón

Artist, UI Designer
Ryan Profile Pic

Ryan Feldman

Gameplay Engineer
Jacob Profile Pic

Jacob Gleberman

Network Architect
Sameer Profile Pic

Sameer Khoja

Analytics Engineer
Gabe Profile Pic

Day Lane

Artist, Gameplay Designer
Rena Profile Pic

Rena Ryumae

UI Engineer
Jeremy Profile Pic

Jeremy Storey

Gameplay Engineer


You all know by now, but our Kickstarter succeeded!

However, "succeeded" doesn't quite encapsulate how financially well we did or how amazing we feel. We finished our thirty day Kickstarter over 200% funded... It's incredible. The faith all of you had in us is astounding, and we are truly grateful for your support - both financially and emotionally.

💕 Chef Party

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